Gaunda Punjab — A Unique Talent Hunt

Gaunda Punjab
3 min readJan 30, 2023


What is Gaunda Punjab?

JLPL Gaunda Punjab is a one of its kind talent hunt show in Punjab targeted to find hidden talents from rural and urban areas of Punjab in the fields of singing, songwriting and music composing. Punjab has been a state with immense talent in the field of music. Launched under Jay Ell Productions led by young entrepreneur Mr. Mehtab Chauhan along with Punjabi music industry’s well-known name Jarnail Ghumaan this unique talent hunt focuses on giving a platform to aspiring talented youngsters in the remote areas of Punjab.

Gaunda Punjab Auditions

gaunda punjab auditions

Auditions for the talent hunt were held in six cities of Punjab that were Jalandhar, Amritsar, Bhatinda, Ludhiana, Patiala and Mohali. The auditions were held at the ground root level starting from Universities, Colleges, Schools, Auditoriums, Social clubs, etc. of various districts in Punjab to bring out the talent from all the corners of the state. All the auditions of the show held in the six cities were amazing with an overwhelming response from participants showing up and giving some great performances. All the aspiring talent from every city put up a show on the JLPL Gaunda Punjab stage like no other. It has been truly inspiring to see the response that the show has received. The judges of the show were more than impressed to see the auditions filled with rocking music, singing and some amazing lyrics. According to the judges, the confidence with which the kalakaars took the stage at JLPL “Gaunda Punjab” auditions was very encouraging.

Judging and choosing the best among a pool of talented artists is never an easy task. The judges carefully selected the best of the best from every city and were more than happy to welcome the chosen artists to the JLPL Gaunda Punjab stage.

What is Unique about the show?

The uniqueness of the show lies in the format of the show. This talent hunt unlike other shows is unique and different as it does not focus solely on singers but also on songwriters and music composers. The show will help connect singers, songwriters and music composers to each other in a way that has never been seen before.

There will be a total of 26 shows of the “JLPL Gaunda Punjab” Program. 600 upcoming artists will get the chance to showcase their abilities and potential during the program. The crew at Jay Ell Productions will prepare the show’s top performers for live performances and studio recordings, and they will also be promoted by Jay Ell Productions. “A reward money will also be offered to the winner (Rs. 2 Lakh), 2nd place (Rs. 75,000), 3rd place (Rs. 50,000), best lyricist (1 Lakh), and best composer (1 Lac),” stated Mr. Mehtab Chauhan, Director of Jay ELL Productions. In addition to this Jay Ell Productions will also offer opportunities to the talented performers in the JLPL “Gaunda Punjab”.

Weekly broadcasts of the program will air on “Balle Balle” and “The Unmute” in India and “Jus Punjabi” (Jus Punjabi) overseas. Additionally, “Gaunda Punjab” will be broadcast on a number of OTT Platforms. The show will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube under the handle “JAY ELL RECORDS.”


All in all, the purpose of this program is to unearth Punjab’s abundant untapped talent and give them the exposure and stage they deserve.

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Gaunda Punjab

Gaunda Punjab is a unique talent hunt show for Punjabi Singers, Writers and Musicians. Here we provide opportunities for young and emerging talent.